Susan, #49

Susan’s Advice for beginners:

“Stop procrastinating, get started, work at your own pace & know there is NO JUDGMENT from others. After years of focusing on my 3 children & not taking time for myself, I realized that my body was changing & I needed to do something. My daughter introduced me to Southern Barre Fitness in July 2015. The first couple months were not easy. There were times I felt as if I didn’t have the strength to continue. With encouraging instructors & a variety of classes & times to choose from, I turned those negative thoughts into positive ones, with a weekly commitment to change. Today, I am mentally & physically stronger. Barre has given me that “I can do this” mentality. Class movements have strengthened my core, improved my flexibility & toned various body parts. I encourage anyone who wants to see results to join this studio. It’s the best decision I have made for myself!”

Southern Barre Fitness