Shed Your Layers This Spring!


We all hide underneath layers – whether those are literal layers or figurative layers.
We want you to feel comfortable in your own skin.
Join us to refresh & renew this spring with this 8 week consistency challenge.
Consistently treat your body right. Consistently love yourself.

Interested? Here are all the details in a handy bullet list!

  • Dates: March 4 – April 28
  • Goal: Attend AT LEAST 3 days Every. Single. Week.
    • Weeks run Monday – Sunday

That’s it. Nothing else required!

Here’s where it gets extra fun.

  • ALL finishers win. The top 3 attendees win extra big!
  • Hit the minimum (3 days x 8 weeks = 24 days) & get 24% off 1 item in our Barre Boutique PLUS 24% off one laser service at Impressions Skin Solutions & 20% off 1 item at Loxley Boutique!

In the event of a tie, we’ll break if by using total number of classes taken.

Want in on the action? Just add yourself to the challenge board in the studio!

Do your and/or your workout friends need a package for the challenge?

Click here for unlimited classes during the challenge dates


Southern Barre Fitness