New Schedule, Teachers, & Promo!

Welcome Jessi & Kristen to the team! You may have noticed some familiar faces are now helping lead classes lately. Both Jessi and Kristen have been coming to the studio since we opened back in December and they have taken the plunge to become teachers! They both went through certification in August and have been taking and observing classes as well as co-teaching classes to get them prepared to lead their own classes. Look for them on the schedule in just a few more weeks! In addition to being new teachers, they will also be new to the system we use for scheduling so if you need any assistance with your account that they are unable to help with, please e-mail Kimberly at or call 461.0884.

Thanks to Jessi & Kristen, we’ve greatly expanded our morning schedule. We’ve added some 6 am classes, mid-day classes, and other classes throughout the week. This expanded schedule begins Sept 8. As our night and weekend classes begin to fill up, we will add there too. If you have any specific schedule requests (times, class types, etc.) please let us know. We will also be hosting another free Intro to BarreAmped class on Sunday, September 7 at 3:15. This is a great time to focus on proper form and for new people to get a better understanding of class flow. It will not be nearly as challenging as a regular class.

Since we have all these new class times, we need to bring in some new faces to fill them. We are temporarily suspending all other new client specials and are offering 6 Weeks Unlimited for $99 for First Time Clients. This is also a great chance for you to earn Barre Bucks for yourself. Full details of our Barre Bucks program can be found on our blog. Each time you refer someone to the studio who chooses an unlimited offer for her first purchase, you will earn $5 in Barre Bucks. Members earn double! This is a perfect opportunity to get to your friends and get them to come sweat, shake, and change with you! – SPECIAL ENDS 9/30/14

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