Complimentary tap n’ pow{h}er Class 6/26/14

We have an exciting announcement – we’re honored to be hosting a complimentary tap n’ pow{h}er class at our studio Thursday, June 26 at 5:30!

tap n’ pow{h}er is a balance fusion class that is designed to shape, tone, and elongate while delivered with messages of empowerment.

As if bringing a free TnP preview class to the studio isn’t exciting enough – it’s being led by the method’s creator Amy Weber! Amy is also a Master Level Teacher/Trainer for BarreAmped in Franklin, TN, the birthplace of the method. Other than its creator, Amy was the first person to lead BarreAmped classes. Amy is also Kimberly’s mentor and certified her to teach BarreAmped. If you look closely, you’ll also spot Amy in the image featured on our studio curtains.

Space is EXTREMELY limited for this class so sign up right away. Don’t worry if the class is full, just add your name to the wait list and there’s a great chance you can get into the class. If you do reserve yourself a space, PLEASE show up and arrive a few minutes early.  We really want to make sure everyone is on time so we can show Amy how excited we are to have her there leading her new class!

Here’s the link so you can sign up right away!

Currently this TnP preview class is the only class on Thursday night’s schedule. If you can’t get into TnP and would be interested in coming to a regular BarreAmped class at 4pm, please contact the studio by email at

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