Shaunda, #57

Shaunda’s Advice for beginners:

“I have just completed my 100th class and I wanted to share a few tips from my experience. I needed a place where I would be pushed to be my best with a group of women who uplift you. This is the best place to take that time for myself. We all need to take time just for us in this busy time with children and all their after school activities. You will be sore! My advice is continue to come and work out the soreness. You will find that Mind Body connection, especially when you are rolling over in bed! Keep coming and that will go away and leave you with a sense of accomplishment.”


Sonya’s Advice for beginners:

“I have never been athletic. Before barre, I’d never had any sort of gym membership, rarely worked out at home, and had never even attempted a plank. I was so nervous walking into my first class! I didn’t need to be, though. Not that it was easy, because what would be the point in that? I didn’t need to be nervous because the instructors were quick to help, non-judgmental, and very encouraging. I started going because I wanted to be healthier and set a good example for my kids. Southern Barre helped me meet that goal! Now I keep going because I love barre!”

Susan Jones, #11

Susan’s Advice for beginners:

“You are going to hurt, but, “no pain, no gain,” you will be so proud of yourself for sticking with it and mastering the contractions and positions. With any kind of exercise, I always think that if I can do it, anybody can!”

Susan, #49

Susan’s Advice for beginners:

“Stop procrastinating, get started, work at your own pace & know there is NO JUDGMENT from others. After years of focusing on my 3 children & not taking time for myself, I realized that my body was changing & I needed to do something. My daughter introduced me to Southern Barre Fitness in July 2015. The first couple months were not easy. There were times I felt as if I didn’t have the strength to continue. With encouraging instructors & a variety of classes & times to choose from, I turned those negative thoughts into positive ones, with a weekly commitment to change. Today, I am mentally & physically stronger. Barre has given me that “I can do this” mentality. Class movements have strengthened my core, improved my flexibility & toned various body parts. I encourage anyone who wants to see results to join this studio. It’s the best decision I have made for myself!”

Tanis Boger, #20

Tanis’s Advice for beginners:

“Barre is by far my favorite workout ever! I’ve done kickboxing, running, P90X & lnsanity/T25. None of these give me the mind/whole body workout quite like the Barre does. I LOVE the mind-body connection, the instructors, the fellowship & the “me” time! Shake to change!”

Toni Lubka, #29

Toni’s Advice for beginners:

“Some years back an LA friend credited barre for helping to get her body back in shape after her last baby. I was curious and excited when I discovered a barre studio in Hendersonville. After losing a significant amount of weight, I wanted to tighten and tone. As a woman of certain age, and having had difficulty toning and tightening in the past, I’m astounded at the difference in my body. Barre has not only helped me to tighten and tone, with the unanticipated benefits of increased flexibility, strength and balance. My experience of the instructors is that they are caring and watchful, position being important. Big thumbs up, Southern Barre. This isn’t your mother’s ballet, Joi.”

Trang, #60

Trang’s Advice for beginners:

“Since starting Southern Barre a few months ago I noticed that I am getting more than my body changing out of all the classes I have tried. I have met so many encouraging, strong, and wonderful ladies who are so empowering. Thank you so much to everyone! I learned to not live in fear and to just keep on swimming. The first time I came in I was intimidated and scared. I just want to encourage y’all to keep on going and just be the best version of you. Every day is a good day!”

Vanessa Barthold, #21

Vanessa’s Advice for Beginners: “When I joined Southern Barre I expected to receive a great workout, which I do, but what I did not expect is to join a network of ladies that support you 110% & instructors that motivate you to push your limits & achieve new heights that you didn’t know you would ever be able to reach. I leave empowered. I may be pushed to my limit in class, but I won’t get further if I’m never pushed & I thank all of the instructors for pushing me & allowing me to see what all/ really can do. Any self doubt that you may have is checked at the door & self worth is only built up here by the instructors & other clients. Something that can be more beneficial than the workout itself!”

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