FREE Intro to Barre Class 4/22/17

Having trouble understanding some of our Barre lingo and movements? Maybe you’ve never been to a class because you’re nervous and don’t know what to expect. We have the perfect solution – we’re hosting a FREE class on Saturday, April 22nd at 11:15 am. It’s not going to be nonstop work like a regular class but we will instead spend time going over each segment of class and thoroughly explaining what you should be focused on and how to get the most out of class. Please dress as you would for a regular class and don’t be surprised if you start to feel that shake once you get into position. This class won’t be as challenging as a regular class and will move much more slowly than a regular class. It will focus on proper form and more lengthy explanations of each position in class. After this class you’ll know what we mean by “zip and lift your abs” or “soften your knees” and you will know what to expect when you take your first full class.

Register online, space is very limited. Can’t wait to “Meet you at the barre!”

Form Focus Friday – Leg Lifts

Last week our focus was on V-Position – an awesome thigh exercise! This week we’re going to do Leg Lifts in each class. These are really great for chiseling your thighs. Leg Lifts are great because everyone can do them but they never stop being a challenge. The better you get at them, the straighter and higher your leg can go. And the straighter and higher your leg goes, the harder it is to hold it there! There are so many variations within this exercise that it never gets boring either. Schedule a class and get ready to practice those leg lifts!d7688dc3940b1d2020931afe3d20d134

Suzanne Bowen’s video demonstrating leg lifts

Form Focus – V Position

Each week I’m going to pick one BarreAmped position and teach it in every. single. class. I’m doing this for a few reasons. The first is to make sure that every client gets to fully experience everything that BarreAmped offers. The 2nd is to challenge teachers to keep it different every time. The 3rd and most important reason is so that everyone can fully master each position. Practicing each position multiple times will help everyone really learn proper alignment, which body part to focus on, and it will help clients see and feel the progress they are making. V Position was chosen as the first Form Focus because it is one of the easiest to master from a body positioning standpoint. There are so many variations in V Position that it never gets boring either. Here is Suzanne Bowen’s explanation for finding your perfect V Position along with a video where she demonstrates it. Can’t wait to see you at the barre!v-position-final-640x412

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