About Southern Barre

We strive to create an atmosphere that challenges your body in new ways while leaving you relaxed afterward.

About Us

At Southern Barre Fitness, we have one goal: to become your Studio for Change. We want to change your mind, your heart, and your body. Our vision is for our clients to leave our studio feeling uplifted and empowered. We are truly dedicated to helping clients along their fitness journey.

Our "Barre-Tenders"

We don’t give that title to just anyone. All of our instructors have undergone intensive, multi-day training plus an apprenticeship before receiving their certification to teach and join our team of “Barre-Tenders.” They are trained to use tactile corrections to ensure both the safety of clients as well as the effectiveness of each workout. They are also required to renew their training every year and encouraged to learn from other certified instructors as frequently as possible.

That's what sets us apart from other barre fitness classes. No class is generic. Each instructor plans their own classes according to the best methods they themselves have perfected through vigorous training.

Meet Our Team

Southern Barre Team

All of our instructors are chosen for their personalities, commitment to wellbeing, and desire to lead classes. Each instructor has undergone extensive training on their own, along with many more hours of training inside the studio. Our entire team keeps up to speed on the latest training updates, and we're all constantly working with one another for tips, insights, and ideas to keep bringing you the best experience possible. During each class we thoroughly explain and demonstrate everything as well as utilize hands-on corrections to make sure you to get a safe, fun, and effective workout.

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