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IMG_1709 (2)I thought maybe I was too old for BarreAmped the first time I tried it. After all, my 61-year old body was getting stiff and my balance was way off. After consistently attending classes, I have to admit, Southern Barre Fitness has given me my youth back! I can take stairs with ease and touch my toes after a twirl! I feel good in this ol’ body and am getting ready for a 2-piece bathing suit! Now that’s what I call Social Security! Standing tall and confident, Libby




I was so excited when Southern Barre Fitness came to town!!  I had been doing barre videos at home off and on for a couple of years,  but was really wanting the studio experience to take it to the next level.  I was not disappointed!  I have found the most supportive and encouraging group of instructors and women here, not to mention the results I was looking for!!  It has made me feel strong, toned and tightened all my problem areas and given me the famous “barre booty” which my husband loves 😉 – Melanie

This is the only thing I’ve found besides Yoga that I truly love. You feel like you have a personal trainer there to guide you and encourage you through the workout. Heather S., 4/28/2014

Other than walk my dog, I haven’t worked out in a couple of years. In the past, I was a runner had a personal trainer, and gym memberships, but just didn’t want to do that anymore. I’m so glad Elizabeth asked me to go with her! It has been just what I needed! You can change the intensity to fit your own needs which makes it great for all levels. Kimberly and Alexis are very good at reminding us of the proper techniques to get the most out of our workout safely. It’s amazing at how such little movements can cause such a “shake”! After just 2 weeks, I can already tell my posture is better and the planking is becoming easier. Most of all I’m becoming stronger and feel better about myself. I look forward to the challenge each class. I’m looking forward to looking in the mirror and not seeing my mother’s arms on my body! Carol E., 4/28/2014

The physical benefits of Barre; strength, endurance, increased definition & development of muscles are definitely evident but… The BONUS is an increased awareness of inner peace and an enhancement of positive attitude:) I would, truly, recommend it to anyone & everyone. It’s a do-able, go at your own pace, challenging workout that personifies mind, body and soul! Mary D., 4/26/2014

I absolutely love BarreAmped! Kimberly and Alexis have helped me get stronger, have more flexibility, improve my balance and SHAKE! Southern Barre has also given me a place to meet new friends and to do something healthy for myself. The past 4 months have been good for my body, mind and soul! -Kristen G., 4/26/2014

When I was in my 30’s I used to weigh 122 pounds and was toned and could wear anything I wanted. Hitting 40 slowed my metabolism and being a nurse and mom took all my time and I didn’t work out or watch my diet well. In December I weighed 152 pounds. I was heavy and miserable. I knew I needed a class that was fun and challenging and would get me back to the way I looked with great results. with Southern Barre, I have definitely gotten my results as well as developed strength and tone all over my body. I now weigh 139 pounds and have better tone than ever before. Kimberly is a great instructor too and shows she truly wants you to succeed. I am so happy to have found BarreAmped! Beki K., 41 years old., 4/26/2014

BarreAmped has truly helped my balance and flexibility while giving my body a nice shape. I love it!, 4/26/2014

I love BarreAmped! I’ve suffered from chronic low back pain since the birth of my third child and Barre has made the pain almost completely disappear! Kimberly & Alexis are fun, supportive and challenging. Since starting class four months ago I’m stronger, leaner and more flexible then I have been in years. Thank you Kimberly and Alexis for not only improving my body but my confidence as well! Laura F., 4/26/2014

I love going to BarreAmped class because it is one of the only times during the week that I can focus on myself. I feel stronger and more flexible after each class! Leslie H., 4/27/2014

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