Class Etiquette

Please try to arrive on time as it is distracting to other clients who are working very hard. If you do arrive late, please perform 60 knee lifts to warm your muscles before starting. Late arrivals are subject to losing their space in class.

The stretches are a very vital part of our classes so we do ask that you stay the full duration of class. If you must leave early on occasion, just leave your mat and equipment when you leave. The instructor will put it away for you. This is so that other clients are not distracted during their stretches & you can stay as long as possible.

Please refrain from talking during class. It can be very distracting for other clients and for the teacher. all our classes emphasize an intense mind/body connection and talking shifts the focus away from your body and into your mind. But if you’re really feeling the shake, don’t be afraid to let out a “WOOO!!!” Our Barre-tenders love it.

Please silence and store cell phones. Again, this hour is just for you. If you have an extenuating circumstance, please discuss it with your instructor beforehand.

Shoes are not permitted into the studio and all classes are performed either barefoot or in sticky/grippy socks.

If you schedule classes and fail to show up or fail to cancel within three hours of the class they will be deducted from your package. Monthly unlimited clients will be charged $10 each occurrence.

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